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$99 annual *Pro Listing*


The business “Pro Listing” is an enhanced Classic Listing with more features. Featured in Top of the Listings for Results; Add Video Snippet; More Images. See All Features and Benefits below in Detailed Description


This Level offers Featured Vendor Status


Annual Listings- with one free month 13 Month Listings

  •    Targeted & Affordable Advertising that works
  •     List in up to 6 categories of your choosing
  •     Personalized Bio-Page with Advertising Tag-Line
  •     Business Contact Details including location map
  •     Social Media Links (Facebook, YouTube etc)
  •     Call-link/Click to Call
  •     Web-link direct (Valid Follow one-way link)
  •     Email-Link Direct
  •     Social Media Share Buttons
  •     1000 word Business Summary Description
  •     10 Images
  •     Plus Video Snippet
  •     Featured on Page Deal/Promo or Coupon
  •     Featured Listing Front Page (one-month)
  •    Promotion: Social Media Advertising on all boards and promotion by “Site”

$69 annual *Classic Listing*


The Classic Listing for $69 offers many features and an opportunity to showcase your business online, enhancing your digital footprint. Showcase your business with images and key-word rich descriptions with tags.  Annual Listing- Valid one year. Includes many features including Social Media campaigns and industry contests.

See Below for the Detailed Description of this “Classic” Level

  • 5 images
  • Follow Web Links and Direct Call Feature
  • Social Media Campaign


 Annual Flat-Fee *12 months*

  •  Targeted Affordable Advertising that works
  •  List in 3 business categories of your choosing
  •  Personalized Bio-Page with Advertising Tag-Line to Enhance Search-ability
  •  Business Contact Details including location map when desired
  • Call-link/Click to Call- direct from any cell phone
  • Follow link: Web-link direct
  • Social Media Links
  • Email-Link Direct for Immediate Leads
  • Social Media Share Buttons
  • 350-word Business Summary Description
  • 5 Images
  • Manage/Edit Business Profile page at any time- Free of charge
  • Social Media campaign inclusion (YouTube Pinterest and Facebook)
  •  Free-Blog self reported Interview with shareable social media features



List your community event for $25 (valid for 60days)

Church sale, Chilli-Cook-Off, Zombie Walk- List it here and advertise your event to the community that matters most, yours.

We will feature your event listing free of charge for non-profits.