Spa Party Bus for the Diva Girls

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Spa Party Bus for Girls: Texas Pamper Parties for kids


Texas Party People is pleased to have listings statewide for kids glamour pamper parties. Birthday parties, graduations, end of year events, spring break soiree’s and just about any other special event can be celebrated with a pamper party for girlie-girls!!

Its challenging to host the ultimate party for today’s awesome girls- with the many party options and choices for Texan moms who are party planning, it can be a bit overwhelming! (Especially when you have so many things running through your head at any given moment. Finding a fun party theme that isn’t overdone, that is fun, practical, and doesn’t cost this month’s mortgage is another top concern. Big decisions include weher to have the party, do it at home (even if you have the space that’s a lot of work), or, travel to a party venue – have a party at home, or at a venue? How to decorate for it? Who to invite? How about a “Glamour” theme for a DIVA type princess girl?

Maybe she’s not into Elsa like she was last year, (or ssssh doesn’t want you to mention that in front of her friends?) What to do? Well, we have just the answer!!

Girl Power Parties!

…..Yep, they’re such a thing, and Texas has them!




If you’re ready for a little sparkle, then get ready for a SPA PARTY BUS!!! We’ve looked around the state and want to share some truly glam-glam fun

Birthday parties have grown leaps and bounds in style and possibilities, and Texas girls have a real gem available when planning a fun birthday party. Spa Party busses come to your location, provide all the decor, music; complete with dress up, nails, make-up, fashion shows, and even party favors!! If youre ready for some party glamour, invite some true luxury party vendors for your daughter’s “Best Party Ever”…..


r Thanks to spa party bus, your girl and her entourage can get ready and feel glamorous right outside your event. It is the best luxury for girls as the staff of the spa party bus will treat them like little angels. Here is a list of vendors who run spa party buses in Houston, Texas:



Sparkle Star Bus

Sparkle Star Bus are professionals who are Texas’s 1st ever mobile spa party bus. There isn’t any better way to celebrate your little princess’s party than with Sparkle Star Bus. You get a variety of top-notch services such as Beauty and the Beats, Prissy Princess Dress-up, Pampered Popstar, and You Glow Girl!!

Does the bus actually go somewhere?

Sparkle Bus says: The Sparkle Spa is the latest in ULTIMATE party entertainment for girls ages 4-12!! It’s a mobile Spa On Wheels that comes to your party location and gets the party started!! But, No transportation is involved!)

In Houston, check out this rock-star party theme with the RockStar Spa Party Bus!

RockStar Spa Bus

RockStar Spa Bus will have your diva and her entourage look fashionable and stylish by giving them the rockstar treatment. No event is too small or too big for RockStar Spa Bus. Their services include The VIP Party, Rockstar Party Props, Rockstar Hair, Rockstar Makeup Makeover, Mini Pedi, Mini Mani, and more. Visit their site today and get all the scoop on making this Houston special party the best one yet!

RockStar Spa Bus offers this about location, and, getting started booking their services:

” Where are Rockstar Spa Bus Parties held?
Rockstar Spa Bus parties are held at your home or venue of your choice. We bring the spa to you! Please be sure to secure parking/hotel clearance for the bus.

How do I book a spa party?
To reserve a party date and time, press BOOK IT on our Package Page and follow the directions for added convenience 24hrs a day, or simply call us at (844) GIRL-SPA (4475-772).”


Spa Party 2u

Your girls will feel like they are in heaven when you ask for the services of Spa Party 2 U. Thanks to their professionalism and incredible services, your girls will have glowing nails, skin, and hair at the end of the day. You can choose from a plethora of packages for manicures, massages, facials, and Spa Party 2 U (exclusive).


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